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Changing the Volume

To change the volume of your hearing aid you will need to press the rocker switch quickly, a short press. You will hear a high pitch ‘pip’ to indicate that you have moved up or down within the volume range. To increase the volume press at the top of the rocker switch (highest part of the rocker switch when behind the ear). To decrease the volume press at the bottom of the rocker switch (lowest part of the rocker switch when behind the ear).

When you have reached the minimum or the maximum position you will no longer hear the ‘pip’.

To let you know when you are back to your original setting, known as your preferred level, you will hear two short high pitch ‘pips’.

On average there are 4 steps to your maximum level and 8 steps to your minimum level. This may vary depending on the settings in the hearing aid. You may also find that your preferred level changes within the volume range, this is because the hearing aid has learning technology, meaning that if  you change the volume in a particular pattern (i.e. turn down two steps every day) the hearing aid will learn that you prefer the sound lower and will automatically start at this reduced level. Therefore the two short high pitch ‘pips’ that indicate your preferred level will have moved position (i.e. you will now have six steps to your maximum level).


Changing the volume on a super power hearing aid

If you have a Super Power hearing aid you will have a volume wheel, instead of the rocker switch.

The wheel will have numbers 1 to 4 marked on it. Number 4 is the maximum position, number 1 is the lowest. Your hearing aid is usually programmed to be set at number 3, your Audiologist may advise you differently depending on your settings.

When moving the wheel up or down you will hear a series of beeps to indicate that you have reached the maximum, or the minimun postion. When you are set to your ideal level (where you have been set by the Audiologist) you will hear two short beeps.

It is usual to have a 'mute' function active on the Super Power hearing aids. This means that if you scroll to the lowest setting you will feel a slight 'click' and the hearing aid will mute. To get the sound back you simply need to scroll back up.

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