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Changing the Battery

The battery in a hearing aid lasts approximately 10-14 days. This may vary from person to person and week to week, depending upon the power needed in your hearing aid and the environments that you visit.

The hearing aid will 'beep' to indicate that the battery is low approximately 1hour - 30 minutes before it runs out. This is only something that can be heard by the person wearing the hearing aid, if you are busy with another task, or are in a noisy environment, you may miss this. If  you miss the beep the hearing aid will play a short jingle just before it switches off.

To change the battery remove the old one from the battery compartment. Take the sticky tab off the new battery. The battery slots in with the flat shiny side facing towards up (marked with a postive '+' symbol). The drawer should glide shut.

If you have inserted the battery the wrong way you will feel some resistance when trying to close the drawer. Please do not force the drawer shut as this can damage components inside the hearing aid.

With the new battery working you should now hear the start up jingle as you put your hearing aid into your ear. This only plays for 7 seconds, so if you take a little longer to put the hearing aid in you may only hear part of this jingle.

Where to collect replacement batteries

You can collect replacement batterires from a number of clinics across the mid cheshire area. You will need your brown record book in order to obtain batteries.

Available Monday - Friday.

  • Audiology Department, Leighton Hospital.

  • Eagle Bridge Health Centre, Dunwoody Way, Crewe.

  • Church View Health Centre, Beam Street, Nantwich.

  • Dene Drive Health Centre, Dene Drive, Winsford.

  • Ashfields Primary Care Centre, Middlewich Road, Sandbach.

  • Victoria Infirmary, Winnington Hill, Northwich.

  • Middlewich Clinic, Lewin Street, Middlewich.

  • HolmesChapel Health Centre, Holmes Chapel.

  • Alsager Health Centre, Sandbach Road South, Alsager


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