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Supplementary Privacy Notice on Covid-19

In light of the current pandemic the Trust may be required to use data about our patients and staff in different ways.

We are publishing this update to our existing privacy notice on a temporary basis whilst the current outbreak is ongoing.

Every effort will be made to ensure that this notice is continually updated to reflect any changes to the way MCHFT uses personal data as a result of Covid-19 outbreak. However due to the dynamic nature of measures being put into place updates to this notice may be delayed. 

Who we will share information with:

Information about Trust patients’ Covid-19 (coronavirus) status may be shared with NHS and other partners involved in their care and treatment, along with:

  • NHS England
  • Public Health England
  • The Department of Health
  • Other government departments where it's legally required, or where it's necessary for the protection of public health or management of the outbreak.

The lawful basis is GDPR Article 6(1)(c), compliance with a legal obligation, or Article 6(1)(e), that processing is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority (the provision of statutory health care services). The exemptions in GDPR Article 9(1)(g) and 9(2)(h) will be applied, that processing is necessary for matters of substantial public interest or for the management of health care systems.  The conditions in paragraphs 2 (management of health care systems), 3 (public health) and 6 (statutory and government purposes) of schedule 1 of the Data Protection Act 2018 are engaged.

In addition, the Secretary of State for the Department of Health and Social Care has served notice under the Health Service (Control of Patient Information) Regulations 2002 requiring health and social care organisations to share and disseminate confidential patient information with other organisations where that information is required to be processed for a purpose relating to the Covid-19 outbreak.

This notice will remain in force until 30 September 2020 prior to which it will be reviewed.

What information do we collect from you?

Records which this Trust may hold about you may include the following:

  • Details about you and your next of kin, such as your address and telephone number
  • Any contact the Trust has had with you, such as appointments, clinic visits, emergency appointments, etc
  • Notes and reports about your health
  • Details about your treatment and care
  • Results of investigations, such as laboratory tests, x-rays, etc
  • Relevant information from other health professionals, relatives or those who care for you.

How your data will be used

In addition to the normal ways we use your data (explained without our privacy notice) as part of the Covid-19 response we may need to process your data in different ways. These may include:

  • understanding Covid-19 and risks to public health, trends in Covid-19 and such risks, and controlling and preventing the spread of Covid-19 and such risks
  • identifying and understanding information about patients or potential patients with or at risk of Covid-19, information about incidents of patient exposure to Covid-19 and the management of patients with or at risk of Covid-19 including: locating, contacting, screening, flagging and monitoring such patients and collecting information about and providing services in relation to testing, diagnosis, self-isolation, fitness to work, treatment, medical and social interventions and recovery from Covid-19
  • understanding information about patient access to health services and adult social care services and the need for wider care of patients and vulnerable groups as a direct or indirect result of Covid-19 and the availability and capacity of those services or that care
  • monitoring and managing the response to Covid-19 by health and social care bodies and the Government including providing information to the public about Covid-19 and its effectiveness and information about capacity, medicines, equipment, supplies, services and the workforce within the health services and adult social care services
  • delivering services to patients, clinicians, the health services and adult social care services workforce and the public about and in connection with Covid-19, including the provision of information, fit notes and the provision of health care and adult social care services
  • research and planning in relation to Covid-19.

Telephone and video consultations

During this period we may offer you a consultation via telephone or video conferencing. By accepting the invitation and entering the consultation you are consenting to this. Your personal/ confidential patient information will be safeguarded in the same way it would with any other consultation and any risks explained to you before the consolation begins.

As part of its response to the wider outbreak the Trust will continue to comply with all its other obligations concerning the processing of your data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR.

Further information on how your data is used can be found within our usual privacy notice.

MCHFT Staff Test and Trace Process (this only applies to MCHFT and CCICP staff)

MHCFT is operating a staff Test and Trace process to ensure that we reduce the risk to our staff and patients by reducing the risk of transmission of Covid-19. This process only applies to Trust and CCICP staff and we will always seek the staff member's explicit consent for this information to be provided to the Test and Trace Team.

When booking a Covid-19 test, staff will be given the option to give their consent for the laboratory to send their result directly to the MCHFT Test and Trace Team. Staff are under no obligation to provide their consent. However if they choose not to give their consent, the Trust would ask that they advise their line manger immediately if their test result is positive.

Upon receiving the result, the MCHFT Test and Trace Team will record the full name, date of birth, contact telephone contact number/s, role and department of the individual who has been tested. They will then contact the individual to request information about any another members of MCHFT or CCICP staff who they have come into recent contact with. This information will only be used to identify other members of staff at risk and provide advice on appropriate precautionary measures (e.g. self-isolation).

All information will be processed securely in line with the Trust’s Data Protection and Confidentiality Policies. Identifiable information will not be used for any other purpose.

Updated July 2020

Covid-19 Automated Staff Risk Assessment

MCHFT is operating an electronic Covid-19 staff risk assessment process to ensure that those staff who are at greater risk of Covid-19, due to health and/or demographic risk factors, can continue to work safely. This process applies to Trust and CCICP staff, Bank Workers, Volunteers and approved contractors if appropriate.

Following completion of the risk assessment, staff will be asked to share their outcome with their line manager to ensure that the appropriate support and adjustments can be put in place. Managers may need to discuss these outcomes with Infection Prevention & Control, Occupational Health or Human Resources in order to ensure appropriate adjustments are in place however this information will not be shared outside of the Trust.

The risk assessment form will only ask for information needed to ensure that the Trust meets its statutory obligations to keep you safe at work. This information will include the staff members age range, ethnicity and severity of underlying health conditions. This information will then be used to provide a risk score which will inform a decision about what measures are necessary, if any, to keep them safe. Information submitted as part of the risk assessment process will be held and processed securely in line with the Trust’s Data Protection and Confidentiality Policies. Identifiable information will not be used for any other purpose.

The Trust is committed to ensuring that it keeps information about its patients and staff safe and that any use of that information complies with the relevant data protection laws. To find out more about the Trust uses personal information please visit our privacy notice.

LAMP testing

MCHFT is operating the LAMP (Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification) Covid-19 tests. 

Generally, the Covid-19 tests in use are laborious and complicated. LAMP testing allows for rapid scalable diagnostics that can detect SARS-CoV-2 infection. The use of LAMP testing allows the Trust to identify individuals with Covid-19 who do not have symptoms, allowing us to take proactive and swift mitigating action in order to protect staff and patients.

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