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Refurbishment Leads To Better Nursing Facilities For Winsford School

Denise Frodsham with the school nurses

20 December 2019

Specialist nurses and school children in Winsford have seen an improved environment and better nursing facilities following a recent refurbishment of the clinical facilities at Hebden Green School. 

The refurbishment, which also includes a renovated nurses’ station, better meets infection prevention and control policies and makes it a more aesthetic environment for children at the specialist school

The nurses at Hebden Green are part of Central Cheshire Integrated Care Partnership (CCICP) and provide support for children between two and 19 year’s old who have cerebral palsy, developmental delay or autism.  

The renovation has included turning a bathroom into a working space for staff, and relocating the medication trolley to allow more privacy and avoid disruptions when checking the children’s medicines. 

In the process of the refurbishment new equipment has been brought in, including an observation machine, emergency bag and oxygen canisters. 

Lisa Hansen, Clinical Lead for Paediatric Special Needs Nursing at CCICP, said: “The clinical area has had a complete overhaul, with the new layout reflecting staff suggestions and ideas to enhance the team’s delivery of the highest possible quality of care. The new clinical space is bright, spacious and modern, as well as easier to clean and maintain. 

“The space now offers designated areas for medicine management and administration, preparation of milk feeds, areas for storing equipment, an area for clinical procedures/observations and a clinical office space along with increased storage. It’s generally a more appropriate clinical working environment which is a joy to work in.

“It is wonderful to see the ideas and suggestions of the team realised in our new working space and witness an overwhelmingly positive response from the children and young people visiting the clinical area for episodes of care.”

Mat Southall, Paediatric Therapies and Special Needs Nursing Service Manager at CCICP, said: “The new clinical space for the Nursing team at Hebden Green is a superb facility and befitting of the excellent quality of care and nursing delivered by the team. 

“We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with our education colleagues at Hebden, and this project demonstrates an example of this to fit alongside the outstanding learning environment that is provided by the school. The team strive to provide the best quality of care for the children and young people at the school, and this renovation very much helps with that.”