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New Campaign Asks You To ‘Step Back!’ To Help Protect Everyone

step back

27 May 2020

To provide a reminder for every one of the importance of social distancing for the safety of our patients and staff, this week we are launching our ‘STEP BACK!’ social distancing campaign.

As the country moves past the peak of Coronavirus, we are starting to gradually increase the number of patients coming to our sites for appointments such as maternity and cancer services and other outpatient appointments.

This will continue over the coming weeks as we gradually reintroduce more services.

Many of our patients returning to site to attend appointments will understandably be anxious about coming to a healthcare setting whilst the pandemic continues.

The safety of our patients and our staff is our absolute priority.

As we start to increase the number of patients into our hospital, we will be supporting everyone to stay socially distanced wherever we are and whatever we are doing, in all areas of the building and grounds.

You will start to see posters, banners and signage at all our sites asking people to ‘Help protect everyone, STEP BACK and think. Keep 2 metres apart.’

We will continue to gradually increase some important face-to-face services, but only when it is necessary and a range of measure will be in place to ensure this can be done safely.

Patients attending hospital for operations will be physically separated to those entering hospital through emergency departments.

If you are attending for an outpatient appointment you will be asked to follow normal social distancing requirements.

Extra planning and protection will be put in place for clinically high risk patients who are currently shielding but need to come to hospital for planned care.

James Sumner, Chief Executive said

“We have a range of measures in place to help significantly reduce the risk of transmission of Coronavirus as we increase as many services as we can whilst keeping our patients and staff safe.

“Social distancing plays a very important part and we hope this campaign will support everyone on our sites to follow social distancing guidelines. So please remember to step back, think and stay 2 metres apart.”