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Giant Inflatable Bowel Boosts Cancer Awareness

Left to right, Maureen Brown (Clinical Nurse Manager, Endoscopy), Tracy Bullock (Chief Executive), Sue Major (Specialist Screen Practitioner) and Lee Findler (Clinical Nurse Manager for the Cheshire Bowel Cancer Screening Programme) outside the inflatable bowel

24 March 2017

Visitors to Crewe’s Leighton Hospital were given the opportunity to tour an inflatable bowel last week, as part of a plan raise awareness of bowel cancer.

 The novel approach was on show in the hospital’s Treatment Centre on Friday 17 March and was open to staff, patients and visitors.

 Those who attended were able to learn about the signs and symptoms of bowel cancer, as well as speak to members of the Cheshire Bowel Cancer Screening Programme about the condition.

 Lee Findler, Clinical Nurse Manager for the programme, said: “Bowel cancer is a major health problem in England – one in 20 people in the UK develop bowel cancer during their lifetime.

 “The inflatable bowel proved to be a successful way of raising awareness of the cancer and to promote screening, which is available to men and women who are aged 60 to 74 and registered with a GP.

 “Bowel cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the UK, but it’s also one of the most curable if diagnosed early. This is the reason why screening is so important and why we’d encourage anyone who’s showing symptoms to see their GP.”

 The symptoms of bowel cancer include blood in your poo, going to the toilet more often, a change in bowel habit, and unexplained weight loss.

 Those who recognise the symptoms and who have had them for three weeks or more are recommended to make an appointment to see their GP.

 As part of April’s Bowel Cancer Awareness Month, the inflatable bowel will return to Leighton Hospital’s Treatment Centre between 9am and 4pm on Friday 28 April.

 Lee added: “We’re encouraging as many people as possible to come along and find out more – the Cheshire Bowel Cancer Screening Team will be on hand once again to offer tours and answer any questions.”

 For further information about local bowel screening call the Screening Hub on 0800 707 60 60.