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Improved Performance in Staff Survey

Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (MCHFT) has scored higher than the national average in a number of key performance areas, according to the results of the latest national NHS Staff Survey published today (Tuesday, February 25, 2014).

The annual survey is widely recognised as an important way of ensuring that the views of staff working in the NHS can influence improvements both locally and nationally. The results highlight areas where healthcare organisations are doing well in terms of patient care and staff satisfaction, in addition to aspects where improvements may be needed.

Participation in the survey is not compulsory, but staff are strongly encouraged to use the opportunity to give their opinions and views about the Trust. For this latest survey, MCHFT had a response rate of 70% which is the second highest nationally for Acute Trusts and is the highest that the Trust has ever received. The higher the response rate, the more confident the Trust can be that the survey findings are representative of the views of staff at the organisation as a whole and signifies a greater degree of staff engagement.

When comparing the latest survey results, which cover 2013, with other Acute Trusts nationally, MCHFT is amongst the best 20% in four areas, ‘better than average’ in eight, and ‘average’ in ten. In particular, some of the most positives findings are:

  • being above average for staff saying they would be happy with the standard of care provided by the organisation, should a friend or relative need treatment.

  • being above average for staff saying they would recommend the organisation as a place to work.

  • being above average for staff believing that the care of patients is the organisation’s top priority.

  • being above average for staff believing that the Trust acts on concerns raised by patients.

  • being in the top 20% of all Acute Trusts for staff saying that they proactively report errors, near misses or incidents witnessed (95%), meaning that the Trust can make the necessary improvements quickly to ensure that such incidents don’t occur again.

  • being in the top 20% of all Acute Trusts for staff believing that the Trust provides equal opportunities for career progress or promotion (92%).

  • being above average for staff feeling engaged with their work, their colleagues and the organisation as a whole. The Trust scored 3.76 out of 5, compared to the national average of 3.74.


Speaking of the results, Tracy Bullock, MCHFT Chief Executive, said: “This national survey is an important way that our staff can feedback on their day-to-day experiences of working here. All responses are anonymous, allowing staff to give open and honest opinions about patient care and working conditions.

“To be higher than the national average on the key questions relating to our staff recommending the Trust as a place to work and to receive treatment is a great achievement for us, as it means that we are making good improvements in crucial areas.

“As an organisation we always take the results of this survey very seriously, and a number of improvements have been made over the years on the back of what our staff have said. Whilst the majority of findings in this report are positive, we will be looking at the areas where we may be able to do even better and the appropriate actions will be taken to ensure further improvements are made for the benefit of our staff and patients alike.”

For further information on the NHS Staff Survey, please visit www.nhsstaffsurveys.com.