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Use of Cookies Within MCHFT's Website

Cookies set by this website 


This website sets a cookie which records a unique PIN for the anonymous visitor. This can then be used to retrieve their settings from the database on subsequent visits. These settings are not stored in the cookie. In addition, personal information is not stored in the cookie and the PIN Code can not be associated with a user. Therefore EU Directive does not apply to this cookie.


This website generates and persists - for a period of up to 5 days - a cookie called “OrderID”. A GUID value is stored against. This allows Easysite to retrieve basket information. This contains no personal information and is not relevant to the EU Directive. The cookie is also exempt as it is necessary in order to provide the service.


This website generates, but does not persist, a cookie to identify which Tab is selected and open on a page. The data stored is limited to the page ID and the tab ID, therefore the EU Directive does not apply to this cookie.

“Remember Me”

Used for Logins, this is an optional cookie activated by the site owner. This website stores the User ID, a GUID Token and expires the cookie after 5 days. This cookie contains no personal data. In addition, neither the user ID nor the token cannot be enumerated to escalate access. This cookie is not relevant to the EU Directive, as it is already an “opt in” cookie. Moreover, it does not contain personal data.

Save my form

Included in this list for information purposes, this feature does not use cookies. The user is issued a GUIDised token which must be entered into this website in order to retrieve form information.

Cookies set outside MCHFT's Website

ASP.NET Session Cookie

This cookie is set by IIS, rather than by this website. However, this is then made available to .net applications such as this website in order to track the user during their visit. This cookie expires upon exit, and does not store personal information. This cookie is, therefore, not relevant to the EU Directive.

You should be aware that third party applications may also set cookies. Examples of this may include Google Analytics and Smarter Stats. You are advised to contact the relevant provider for information about any cookies that may be set by the application.

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