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Hello, My Name Is...

Hello, My Name Is...

Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (MCHFT) is proud to support the national "Hello, My Name Is..." campaign, helping to improve the hospital experience of all patients.

The “Hello, My Name Is…” campaign aims to encourage all staff, regardless of role, to introduce themselves to the patients and visitors with whom they come into contact with. Research has shown that patients appreciate basic personal touches, and a simple gesture such as telling somebody your name will go a long way to helping them feel better about being in hospital. 

The campaign was launched by Dr Kate Granger, a registrar from Yorkshire specialising in elderly medicine, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Throughout her hospital visits and admissions she became aware of the impact of the little things that make a difference – for her, one of the main things was staff not introducing themselves.   As Kate reflects, the NHS often gets the clinical and technical side of care right but patients can still have a poor experience because we can lack the basic human touches.  We know all too well that when patients leave our hospitals they forget the vast majority of what we have told them but they NEVER forget how we made them feel.

Instead of simply moaning about this, as her husband encouraged, Kate did something about it and initiated a Twitter campaign called “Hello, My Name Is…”,  the mission being to get as many members of NHS staff as possible to pledge to introduce themselves to their patients.  The campaign is now widely endorsed by several senior figures within the NHS and a significant number of hospitals. 

Here at MCHFT, we feel strongly that we should support the campaign to ensure this basic human touch is adopted by all.  If you doubt the impact of this campaign, we would strongly recommend that you observe for yourself the impact that this had on Kate through the short videos available at www.hellomynameis.org.uk or on YouTube (NHS Confederation 2014 and Kate’s Story) (external websites, links open in new window).

The idea of the campaign is simple – reminding staff to properly introduce themselves to patients.  Why is this important?  As Kate explains, a confident introduction is the first step to providing compassionate care and is often all it takes to put patients at ease and make them feel more relaxed during treatment. 

This campaign is relevant to all of us at MCHFT, and by making a conscious effort to introduce ourselves the first time we meet somebody, we are taking the first steps to improving the patient's experience of the care that we are providing to them.

Hello, My Name Is... (Group Photo)